Sports analytics from Laura Albert's team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering

Two minute bracketology: Laura Albert McLay talks about bracketology and March Madness

The University Communications group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison asked me to film a short video about bracketology, math (what is a Markov chain?), and what we can learn from bring math into bracketology. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m thrilled with the final product. I can’t take credit — the video was produced by Justin Bomberg and the video and reflects his vision.

The video is just under 3 minutes long. We filmed this before the selections were made, and as you can see, I recommend picking 10 seeds to upset 7 seeds. And of course, Wisconsin ended up seeded 7. Sorry team! Also, I naively agreed to attempt to attempt to spin a basketball on my finger while the film was rolling…I think you’ll easily understand why I’m more comfortable with the math.

I’m looking forward to watching the tournament. Go Badgers!

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