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NCAA men’s Division I basketball rankings, April 4, 2016 (final!)

Here are our final rankings. UNC just edged out Villanova for final first place finish. The full ranking is under the “NCAA BB rankings” tab. Wisconsin finished 30th, which was their highest rank at any point during the season.

1 North Carolina
2 Villanova
3 Kansas
4 Virginia
5 Oklahoma
6 Michigan St
7 Oregon
8 West Virginia
9 Miami FL
10 Kentucky
11 Duke
12 Xavier
13 Maryland
14 Indiana
15 Purdue
16 Texas A&M
17 Syracuse
18 Iowa St
19 Utah
20 Notre Dame
21 Seton Hall
22 Louisville
23 Gonzaga
24 Arizona
25 G Washington

See you next year! Stay tuned for college football season in the fall.